What Should You Expect From Your SEO Consultant?


We have reiterated time and again that search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns are always designed as long term projects. No matter how brilliant these campaigns are or how good the consultant is, the turnaround time for the results is always longer than ideal.

SEO campaigns usually sees results in a month, a year, may be even longer than that. It is perfectly natural, because we are talking about organic results. The rankings you are supposed to get from SEO campaigns are the results of keyword research, link building, and content optimization. It is a labor of love, done to make your company sail in the competition as smoothly as can be.

Hiring an SEO consultant or agency can make matters easier for any business, as it takes some load from you, allowing you to shift your focus from marketing to the other areas of your business that you might be more interested on.

After hiring an SEO consultant, what’s next? What can you expect?

  1. SEO marketing does not guarantee results in a specific time.This one could be a hard fact to take, and you cannot blame people who would not understand it. They can ask, ‘why spend on something that does not guarantee results?’ Unlike paid ads and pay per click (PPC) advertising, SEO does not guarantee that you will have an ROI of what you will spend. It is a risk, and that is the truth. SEO marketing does not come with the assurance of ranking boost in a matter of weeks or months. It is a project on its own. A project that needs attention and maintenance to be able to hit the target you’re aiming for.
  2. SEO marketing campaigns are designed for long term use. Of course, SEO campaigns have objectives and visions. They were formulated to be applied on your business in a long time, as we know that results certainly do not happen overnight. Businesses hiring SEO consultants should have it clear on their heads that no result is guaranteed when working with organic results. You pay for the effort they will put in your website and the time they will spend trying to optimize it for search engine results. You do not pay for the results. Any SEO consultant that gives you a guarantee that they can make your page reach the top ranking in a month should not be shortlisted.
  3. Page one ranking is a goal in SEO. It is the common goal of all SEO campaigns, but it can never be made into a guarantee. For one, experts in search engine marketing (SEM) are still unsure of the criteria used in ranking websites. Google and other search engines have kept their criteria a secret, so as to prevent experts from manipulating results. However, Google releases statements time and again clearing speculations whether something is indeed included in their criteria, giving us all a vague idea to how they do the page rankings. But the same fact remains that we are still unsure of the formula to improve our current page ranking.
  4. SEO consultants must track results. This expectation can be made clear from day one, or even from the consultation stage. Let them know what you need as an assurance that they get the right bang for their buck. They are the ones who will design the campaign, they are also the ones who know what to expect. Indeed, your consultant should know by heart that tracking everything is the best way to closely monitor where you are and where the SEO campaign is taking you. The better they track your results, the better you can improve and adjust your plan to suit your business and needs.
  5. SEO consultants must be accountable. You should have kept this one in your mind while still deciding which consultant to entrust your business to. Accountability is a very important trait in business. There is no point in hiring someone who’s skilled, intelligent, and honest is he is not at all accountable. While we keep reminding you that SEO is absolutely no guarantee work, it does not mean your consultant is never liable for any losses that might be incurred as the campaign is being applied. The clincher is knowing your ranking before you worked with them. If by any chance you worked on an SEO campaign and your ranking has dipped instead of improving, it is a red flag. It is one thing to not having a campaign work for your benefit, and another to have it ruin your business. It is still some amount of money that you spent for it anyway.
  6. Expect transparency and detailed reports. Even if SEO is obviously more cost efficient than SEM and PPC, the fact that you still shed money to make it happen stays true. Your SEO consultant must always exercise transparency on what the campaign is doing to your website traffic. Reports must be made as often as deemed necessary. It all depends on you—do you want reports passed to you daily, weekly, or bi-weekly? While your consultant might be the expert in his field, you are still the owner of the business. You can still call the shots.

The popularity of SEO consultants and agencies made doing internet marketing even easier as compared to how it was done before their era. It was a struggle for business owners to try juggling too many roles at the same time—worrying about their sales, production, promotions, and marketing. Now that SEO consultants can come to their rescue, it is no longer a game of trying to catch them all while still keeping your balance.

Hiring an SEO consultant is supposed to make your life easier and make running your business not so much tiring. Think of it that way when you find it hard to spend on marketing that provides no concrete guarantee. Just be clear on what you expect from them and let them know what they should expect from you too. A great professional relationship with openness, honesty, and transparency opens many doors for better business ahead. Just remember to choose an SEO consultant that values your business as much as you do.

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