Questions To Ask When Hiring An SEO Consultant


The complex world of SEO has brought about the rise of SEO experts, agencies, and consultants to make things easier than usual. Gone are the days when businesses have to work on their own to make sure they can survive the stiff competition. Fortunately for internet marketers, SEO consultants are available to provide assistance to make sure the campaigns will be used for optimum results.

Since there are now plenty of SEO consultants available for hire, choosing one to entrust our business with can be challenging. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, and it is never easy to make a choice when you are left with more than you can handle. Search-engine-optimization

How should you choose the SEO consultant that is a perfect fit for your business? What questions can you use as your guide when hiring an SEO consultant?

  1. Can you provide me with a list of your previous and existing clients?This one should be an imperative question. Their past and present clients will give you an idea of how they work and what you can expect from their services. If by any chance they have or had a client you know or could have communication with, take the chance to ask them about the consultant you are eyeing. Ask about the consultant’s work ethics, problem solving skills, and value for money. More than reviews found online, actual feedback from clients with firsthand experience are far more reliable.
  2. What is your experience in negative SEO? Negative SEO is a threat all websites must be aware of and ready for. While most experts still choose not to talk about it openly, its many occurrences prove how real and damaging it could be to any type of business that markets online. An SEO consultant with an experience in dealing with such a big crisis is far more credible than one without any experience at all. Crisis management is crucial in any line of business, be it online or offline. This is where professionalism and skills are tested the most.
  3. How will you boost my ranking in search engine results? Ask about their strategies and how they are going to apply it to your business website. Listen closely to what they say and ask yourself in the process if you agree to what they are offering you. It is also important to do your own research about SEO before meeting with them so you have an idea about what they are trying to lure you on. If you think something is off with what they are telling you, let them know that you are also knowledgeable in SEO and its attributes.
  4. How long will it take before results are seen? This question is usually a telltale sign if a consultant is being true to his word. An SEO consultant with a sole objective of just getting on a contract with you will tell you it would not take very long before you see results of the strategy they will use. It has been said and proven time and again that SEO is a long term project. It is highly unlikely for any SEO campaign, no matter how good it could be, to be an overnight success. It entails patience, time, and effort, before it can be considered successful. An honest SEO consultant will most likely show you a portfolio of how he did with his previous clients and how long it took the campaign to bring results. If you are really interested on the time frame, you can take it from there.
  5. Do you guarantee that my website will have a top spot in search engines like Google? Like the previous guide question, if they say yes, you got to run away. Run away as fast as you can. Like in all other things, if an SEO consultant’s answers are too good to be true, it simply means they are bluffing you. Ugly truth is that some consultants are only after the money they will earn from contracts, and do not really care about the client’s needs and expectations. Let them lay their cards and show you how they plan to give your current SEO ranking a boost. A boost is not very far-fetched, but when they start blabbering about how they can make your website have the first page ranking in just a matter of little time, do not hire them.
  6. What are the tools you frequently use? SEO consultants have different preferences when it comes to the tools they use on their job. One tool could prove to be such a lifesaver for one consultant, and could mean the opposite to another. It all depends on their specialization and goal. If the tools they mention match your preference, you might have just gotten yourself a keeper. It is important to hire an SEO consultant who shares the same value as you do, so as to minimize clashes and conflicts as much as possible.

There is a rise of SEO agencies and consultants everywhere. Looking for them should never be a problem. You just type it in Google and you can see plenty of them, waiting to be hired. They can boast of their accomplishments and experiences, but more than the technical know-how and expertise, it is their work ethics and values one must watch out for. These are most often overlooked, but still hold as much value as the professional aspects including skills.

We live in the Computer Age, or so they say, and nearly everyone knows how to use the computer and what it can do. It is already a given for consultants to be very skilled in technology, SEO, marketing, and promotions. Finding someone who can get the job done is easy, it is the deciding that can be quite challenging. If they all seem to be as good as everyone, use their ethics and values as a clincher.

When interviewing them, ask them about their inspiration, motivation, and goals. See if you can find a common ground to draw a great professional relationship from. The SEO consultant who you feel you can trust and can have good rapport with should be an obvious choice.

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