How Much Does The Average SEO Consulting Cost


Search engine optimization (SEO) comes in many forms. There are different variations for every line of business and their every need. There are companies needing full overhaul of their website and content, while there are some just needing some tending to their already optimized business site. Whichever of the two you count yourself with, SEO is a great choice in keeping your brand in the competition for a long time, no matter how stiff and tight the competition gets every day.

Knowing which form of SEO is needed by your company cannot be done by yourself. You certainly need to have an appointment with an SEO expert with many years of experience in the business. Only an expert will know what else is missing in your website, or what culprit can be in your website that does not make your business progress and prosper the way it is supposed to be.

This is where consulting comes into play. An SEO consulting is needed to make sure you know what your company needs and how you can help your company with it. When you have a concrete idea to what your business is lacking, you can better address it for your company’s benefit.

  • On the average, an SEO consulting costs from $100 to $500. Usually, the pricing depends on the reputation of the consultant or company you want to have an appointment with. The longer they are in the industry, the higher their prices will be for consulting. Like in websites where age is crucial in ranking, an SEO consultant’s years of experience matters a lot in their consulting fees. More importantly, if they have been in the industry longer than the others, you are bound to get a more sound advice as compared to consulting with relatively newer ones.
  • SEO per hour is one of the most popular forms of payment in SEO. Like in consulting, per hour SEO marketing is a favorite of many businesses. Typically, businesses that are still trying to see if SEO is good for them choose the per hour method as they believe it to be offering great return of investment (ROI). While ROI in SEO can be a little far-fetched, it still has to be carefully considered when choosing the plan to use on your business.

What affects the pricing for SEO consulting?

  1. The size of the company. This one is a given fact. Like in all other things, the bigger an SEO company, the higher the costs they charge on consulting. Its size will likely give you an idea of how long they have been in the businesses and how many accounts they have handled. If you have doubts or second thoughts about hiring them, it is always best to ask them for available portfolios so you have an idea of how they work. From there, you can already see if their pricing seems right for their services. For newbies, it is easy to trust anyone who lays their services like a pro. But the clincher is to know if what they are telling you is backed up with proof. Another proof could also be a list of their past clients if they are willing to give you. You can look for their pages online and see if these consultants have did well to their ranking.
  2. The needs of your company. SEO campaigns can be customized according to your personal preference. This is why it is crucial to closely monitor your website to know what immediate needs have to be addressed and what can wait. The more inclusions you want to put in your SEO campaign package will naturally mean you have to pay for a higher cost as compared to if you want to just cover the basics. It all depends on what you know you need and what has to be met immediately.
  3. Their level of service. Usually, SEO agencies and consultants with higher prices have been in the business for a long time. Or, they most likely have received quite a lot of positive feedback that helped them be the big name they are today (for example). The more clients they have worked with in the past, the better their services have improved over time. We all have surely heard of the now cliché “Experience is the best teacher.” SEO companies with many years in the business use their experience to their advantage through their high costs. There is nothing wrong with paying for more than what you expected to shell out, as long as you know they have the skills and expertise to make the campaign work for your business’ advantage.
  4. If not by the hour, it is by the project. SEO companies charge their clients either based on the hours spent or the whole duration of the project itself. It is important to review your funds and see which is better for your business and is also sustainable. Your package must not be one to break the bank, but to multiply its contents instead.

While SEO consulting means shelling out money to market your business on the web, it is still relatively cheaper when you compare it to sponsoring ads in your company’s behalf. It sure can take a while before you can reap the sweetness of ROI, but at least you know it is just there—much like brewing before blooming.

Cost is something that has to be considered when choosing which SEO company or consultant is the perfect fit for you. No one in his right mind would just spend money on something he has not thought of and did not do a research about. Knowing how much is acceptable to be spent on SEO will surely give you a clearer mind to decide on which consultant to entrust your business to.

It has been said time and again that nothing is ever free in the world today. SEO marketing yields organic results, as opposed to SEM where you pay for every click. It costs a little and surely takes a lot of time, but the results you’re bound to get after a while will all prove to be well worth it, as long as you choose the right person to market your brand.

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