Tips on Hiring an SEO Agency, Company or Consultant

Advice When Hiring an SEO Agency

s1Making the cut in the competition-teemed internet marketing industry can be quite a challenge. It is not easy to be part of a world where competition adds up every day. Fortunately, there are now professional people that can be hired to make things a little easier. SEO agencies and SEO experts are just about everywhere, and they come in different shapes and sizes.

Hiring an SEO agency lessens the stress and load you have when thinking of how your business fares in the World Wide Web. They can help you with your ranking and web traffic, and you can have more time in doing what you like best about your business. After all, SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be so complex to simple minds, and we need all the help we can possibly get to be able to get the most out of it.

How do we know which SEO agency is right for our business?


    1. Make several appointments with different SEO companies.However, remember to keep it as a secret. Just do your homework and get multiple appointments. It is always a smart move to keep your options open until such time that you have tested the waters long enough to know which of them is perfect for you. Do not just settle for something because of their pricing. It has to be noted that while it is true that a great SEO company surely would not charge for a small amount, a high priced agency does not guarantee great work as well. Listen closely to what they offer, and really find time to speak to them in person. Do not just decide from your online prognosis. Their website looks spectacular, so what? It does not assure you that the results they can bring your business would look as great as their website. SEO is a far different world than that of website design and development.


    1. Ask around for reviews from the same businesses as yours. If you cannot ask your competitors and rivals directly, at least read product reviews online. If you are lucky enough to find their past or existing clients, check how they do on the competition and go from there. It is one thing to know about them during your consultation appointment, and another thing to know what they can provide you through the companies they worked with already. Are they happy with their services? Long term clients who renew their contracts over and over is a great indication of good service. It is an obvious sign of satisfaction. See what they say about a company, and learn from them.


    1. Have an expert review your site and analytics to see what you really need. SEO is now an umbrella term, as more and more SEO strategies are being developed day by day. Many marketing campaigns can be referred to as SEO. Before actually hiring an SEO agency, you should already have a clear grasp of what you need for your business. Do you need help in optimizing your content, building links, or social media setup? Maybe you need a total website overhaul, or even a little of every SEO strategy. Having a strong idea of what you need is essential, so you know what to ask and how to negotiate with the agency you are looking to work with.


    1. Ask them about their experience and skills in technical SEO. SEO is technical on its own, but a good SEO agency is one that is ready for battle when it comes to algorithm problems and negative SEO instances. While still highly considered as taboo, negative SEO is a reality that all companies must be prepared to deal with. If they know about technical SEO and all that, consider it a major plus point when you are on the deciding stage. A company can only take so much when dealing with negative SEO on the web. It can really destroy a business, which is why it is vital to hire someone who knows how to handle it, and handle it well.


    1. See if they offer content marketing. Keywords are among the most important parts of an SEO campaign. One research once said that when it comes to SEO, content is king. Having rich content is like hitting multiple birds with just one stone. You attract traffic; your posts get shared, making way for link building; your keywords boost your ranking on the web. An SEO company that only provides link building and social media marketing might not be of the same value as an agency that also offers content marketing. It is often overlooked, but is equally important.


    1. Ask them about the turnaround of results. Be careful with this one. If they tell you that results can be seen in as early as a month, run far away. SEO is a long term project, one that takes time and effort before optimal results are seen. Any agency saying they can change your website to a better one in a span of time that is too good to be true is surely bluffing to get a contract with you. Know better, and do not settle for empty promises. The best answer to this question is that they do not know, and will tell you that it varies from company to company. They can show you analytics of their previous companies and give you an average, but without proof, do not be so fast believing them.


As in other good things, SEO takes time. It is simply not possible for any SEO campaign, no matter how brilliant it might be, to be an overnight success. It will always be something you have to nurture, cultivate, and maintain before it makes your business bloom.

Finding a great SEO agency can be challenging, what with the great availability around you. But the key lies in your judgment and research. Know the ins and outs of SEO and how it works. Really take your time to learn its fundamentals so as not to be fooled by agencies who are only after money, without the passion for helping companies succeed. Listen closely to what they say, compare notes with other companies, and carefully monitor how they work.